Stores Next Door is an annual gathering of Long Branch community members under the roof of the Long Branch Community Center! We welcome you to attend!

The local restaurants of Long Branch will feature their food and drinks for free! We will have activities for families of the Long Branch community to suggest improvements to the commercial area.

Free event


El Golfo

El Gavilan

La Casita Pupuseria & Market

Mansa Kunda

Hola Chicken

Check back for updates on more restaurants.


Store Next Door is a family-friendly event with activities for fun and thoughtful imagining of Long Branch.

We will have fun treats! Cotton candy and popcorn!

We will also have meaningful conversations about Long Branch restaurants and shops, transportation and much more! We invite everyone to share their ideas!

Check back for updates.

8700 Piney Branch Rd.
Silver Spring, MD
March 13th, 5:30pm to 7:30pm