New ‘Street’ Eases Parking Problems

In a burst of construction activity this November, Purple Line Transit Constructors (PLTC) rapidly built a new access road connecting Flower Ave. with Giant Foods’ large parking lot.
A month ago, area stores dependent on continuous access to the largest parking lot in the area (Giant’s) had expressed concern that Arliss Street would be closed prior to completion of the access road.
But in response to a request from the Business League, PLTC delayed the closure until completing the access road.
According to a communication shared with Long Branch’s Elaine Emling, PLTC is now working with the MTA to hurry construction of dedicated left turn signals to ease left turns from Flower Avenue onto Piney Branch Road in both directions.
PLTC told the Newsletter they expect the left turn signals — long sought after by the business community — to be installed no later than Dec. 8.