Long Branch Week/Semana de Long Branch

Long Branch Week/Semana de Long Branch

From September 20th, to September 27th, the Long Branch festival, co-hosted by the Long Branch Business League, MHP and Montgomery and planning, brought twenty one performances to a newly-built stage at Flower Urban Park while transforming bare asphalt into creative public spaces with exciting nooks and crannies.

Second Pop-up Event Attracts Attention

Second Pop-up Event Attracts Attention

On August 9, the Long Branch Business League held a second SummerFest 2018 Pop-up event, this time at the Long Branch pool for local children.

Profile of Scott Futrovsky of Futrovsky, Forster & Scherr

Job Title: Associate Attorney; Futrovsky, Forster & Scherr, Chartered. Years on the job: 1.5. Position: I’m a civil litigation attorney in the Maryland/D.C. area. Best job ever:… Read more »

Business Owner: Are You Thinking Strategically?

If you’re a Long Branch store owner, you are probably already sick of people telling you that, what with the Purple Line coming, Big Changes are on… Read more »

Networking and Arts Nights: Two Big Successes at El Gavilan

On Feb. 8, El Gavilan hosted an art exhibit and celebration of Latino creativity. The event, which was co-organized by the Latino Artists Solidarity Foundation, showed there… Read more »

Long Branch Profiles: Bruce Baker of CHEER

Job Title: Executive Director, C.H.E.E.R. Years on the job: Eight. What I do: I gather information, build partnerships and assemble resources to support CHEER in making Long… Read more »

Branding: Why Bother with a Logo?

In December 2014, the renowned small business consultant Casey Willson told Long Branch businesses that the key to success is finding “what sets you apart from everyone… Read more »

Business Owners Speak Up at County Council

Tuesday, Feb. 6, Business League VP John Angel and Veronica’s bakery co-owner Eddy Campos testified before the Montgomery County Council. They spoke out in support of a… Read more »

A ‘Family Holiday’ in Long Branch

Back in 2013, Rainbow Laundry’s Nok Kim decided to buy a Christmas tree, get some trinkets for the many children who regularly visit his laundromat and hold… Read more »

New ‘Street’ Eases Parking Problems

In a burst of construction activity this November, Purple Line Transit Constructors (PLTC) rapidly built a new access road connecting Flower Ave. with Giant Foods’ large parking… Read more »

Long Branch 5K Race Goes ‘Professional’

 In most ways the Oct. 15 Discover Long Branch 5K Race was just like last year’s: the same smiling faces; the same community spirit; even the same… Read more »

5K Race in Long Branch

What is downtown Long Branch?  And no less urgently — where is it? Long Branch is east of downtown Silver Spring, west of Takoma Park. Sounds artistic,… Read more »